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Medina Food Group Ltd have been working with the NHS since 2002 and offer a wide range of dietary meal options with a diverse range of products. Our dietary options include: vegetarian, vegan, low salt (renal diet) and children’s meals. The meals can also be chosen based on personal preference such as chicken, mutton, beef, minced meat, fish, vegetables, lentils and cultural (South Asian, Afro Caribbean). Chicken and meat meals are Halal certified and follow Welfare of Animals Regulations. Our product list suits a varied and diverse audience ensuring every personal and dietary need is fulfilled.

The team at Medina Food Group Ltd have spent over 14 years perfecting NHS hospital meals by working closely with the Trusts speech and language therapists, dietitians and catering managers to deliver nutritious, tasty and visually appetising meals which meet the British Dietetic Association nutritional guidelines for hospital meals. The nutritional information is interpreted using a nutritional software approved by universities, professional dietitians and leading healthcare trusts. Our meals are supplied to over 40 NHS hospitals.

Medina Food Group Ltd believe that packaging is very important and source trays that are light weight, recyclable, BRCGS certified, and environmentally friendly. No single use plastic is used and the trays are made from recycled content. There is an option for selecting multi-portion meals which are suitable for sharing. The frozen 3 compartment meals are individually portioned which are user friendly and safe to use in a microwave, iwave microwave, conventional ovens, steamers and in hospital ISECO and burlodge trolleys. The meals are cost effective with fully recyclable packaging keeping waste minimal. Foils are suitable for ovens. All our packaging has been extensively tested with chemical migration analysis to ensure it is food safe.

All the meals are accompanied with a detailed product specification which outlines allergen information, QUID ingredient declaration, product photography and more. All mandatory labelling laws are followed such as the 14 allergen declaration on product labelling.

Medina Food Group Ltd use fresh, quality, locally sourced and authentic ingredients to make sure the food tastes fresh. The fish sourced is sustainably caught and food is sourced in terms of food safety, sustainability, animal welfare, red tractor and farm assurance to assure food safety and quality.

Medina Food Group Ltd have expert chefs who have worked for the ‘Leading Hotels of the World’ to create unique and delicious food that is packed with mouth-watering flavour and texture with a home-cooked taste. The taste of freshness, spices, herbs and ingredients is mastered through the unique cooking process carried out by skilled chefs. The food is then delivered in a temperature safe vehicle with trusted reliable drivers.

As part of our continuous improvement plan, we at Medina Food Group Ltd offer various open days within the NHS Hospitals with a display of the varied menu and a tasting session opportunity which is open to the public. There are various unannounced Environmental Health Officer (EHO) and Trading Standards visits to the factory per annum who monitor food hygiene and food labelling.

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