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Food Safety, Quality & Allergens

Quality, Compliance & Food Safety


Medina Food Group Ltd prides in providing fresh, locally sourced ingredients with full traceability which ties in with our quality policy and BRCGS standards in providing authentic fresh ingredients. We conduct a vulnerability assessment to ensure our ingredients used are protected from fraud, certified and safe. We hold records of all the ingredients sent to our business with their required accreditation certifications. Food is sourced with strict buying requirements to assure food safety and animal welfare compliance.


Medina Food Group Ltd take food safety very seriously. Food safety is guaranteed through our routine microbiological testing on cooked food, in-house water supply and environmental samples which are sent routinely to our UKAS accredited laboratory.


The site Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) programme outlines the critical controls required during and prior to cooking to ensure the safety of all food handling operations. All identified Critical Control Points are monitored and recorded.


All food handlers are trained in various topics around food safety such as: food security, food hygiene, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), allergens and much more to gain the highest standards of practice and deliver safe food.


Medina Food Group Ltd provide full nutritional analysis for all products with a product specification which outlines allergen information (14 allergens declaration), legal labelling declaration, QUID ingredient declaration, product photography and more. Our in-house team have worked with NHS dietitians to ensure that all of the meals meet the nutritional standards required by the Hospital Food Standards Panel and comply to the Government Buying Standards for salt, sugar and saturated fat. We have a low salt drive and are driving towards the Responsibility Deal Salt Targets that are set for each coming year.

We have a comprehensive allergen management program in place which exceeds the legal requirements to ensure food is safe for allergy sufferers.

Open days

We offer open days open for hospitals and taster sessions for other clients.